3D PDF’s

For Data Extraction from 3D PDF’s and using the Excel Macro sheet, as per these posts:

This method allows you to view the buildings to make sure you are downloading the correct one.It makes life easier for users of the tools.

We can use the flip book below to look through to find the building that we want:

  1. click on image  of building you want(this expands it)
  2. click on Expanded image (this step could be skipped but I’ve left it in as a demo, in case you needed to look in more detail at the building)
  3. this opens the 3D PDF of that particular building in your browser (it will be a blank page)
  4. use download button to download it to your computer.

Once on your computer, you can export the information from the PDF to a CSV file that you can manipulate with the Excel Macro Book for extracting Building information, also you can view the 3D PDF to see the spaces and geometry of the building.

The reason I have set this page up is that when you open a 3D PDF in your browser you get a blank page, it only shows the 2D aspect of the PDF, usually the title block. This is due to the Browser PDF setup, which is set to DEFAULT for 2D PDF viewing.

So you have to download the 3D PDF before you can view it with your free Adobe Reader ( which will view 2 & 3D PDF files). Unfortunately, the browser still tries to open the PDF file and you then have to down load it onto your computer.

To stop the browser opening the PDF you have to set up each browser default as to not open PDF’s. That is not helpful as it depends on the individuals preference as to what they want their settings to be.

Supposedly Adobe do have a method to stop the PDF opening in the browser by saving a setting within the PDF. It is in this article, but this may be for the latest Adobe Reader, because my one doesn’t have those settings.

[I  put the size of the File on the Image, so that people will be aware of Download size, particularly important if you are on a WIFI connection, it could be quite frustrating if you had to download a 50MB file onto a mobile phone-it’ll chew up your data]

The plugin I used for this example is WP-Booklet.

Note: It did ask me if the server I was using could convert PDF files. As you can see, mine didn’t, but as I’m only using images not PDF’s that’s fine.  Another server I had paid hosting on (AwardSpace) did have so that could be tested too.