A demonstration site showing how you can display information about your assets such that it is accessible to your team. This site is open but you would put front end login on the site to control who has access to it.

This site demonstrates the following:

  • Home page. Shows:
    • Overview map with clickable icons that take you to specific property pages.
  • Property portfolio page. Shows:
    • Thumbnail and data listing all properties that can then be individually selected
  • Individual property pages:
  • A. 28a Alexandra Road. Property page shows:
    • Map of site with streetview & Zoom.
    • Photo gallery with plan and photos,
    • links to 2d & 3D pdfs to download/view.
    • Tables (from CSV) showing data about property (These are Static tables )
    • Panorama of one of rooms (collapsed- click on to activate).
  • B. Central Library page. Shows:
    • Image Maps with links and information
    • Image Hotspots with links and information
    • embedded pdf with floor plans of all rooms on level 3 & 4 of the building.
  • C. NEW506. Unit showing:
    • tables that are reading information directly from database (These are Dynamic tables )
  • D. OpenMAINT login page & Email Contact for Faults. Shows:
    • Links to openMAINT to put in maintenance request or email helpdesk.
  • E. Heatmap of roof data. Shows:
    • a filterable spreadsheet for exploring condition data of roofs for property portfolio.
  • F. Proposed Bar. Shows:
    • embedded CAD file of the property that can be downloaded as well as a link to free downloadable CAD software for editing the drawing
  • G. Proposed Bar. Shows:
    • use of jQuery DataTables in iFrameswith controls for copying data to clipboard/CSV/XLS/PDF or printing

As you are reading the live database you could also display on the individual property page data showing what Maintenance Requests/ Workorder are current or have happened in the past, drawing this information, in this instance, from an OpenMAINT instance that is managing these properties.

This site would supplement an AMIS (Asset Management Information System) such as OpenMAINT.  It would capture asset information that would be pretty static such as Operation & Maintenance Manuals, plans, maps of location and tables of data (that is current), giving a good overview of the properties and making the information accessible to your team & contractors.

The AMIS would run your Work orders/Maintenance Schedules etc and this site information would sit alongside that, supplementing the information on the AMIS.

One would ask, why 2 separate processes? I have noticed that the OpenMAINT AMIS is slow, so do not overload it, also this is more background information & overview data rather than full on operational/financial like the AMIS.

You can read how this website was built at this BLOG Part 1 and this BLOG Part 2.